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Load new tab at the end of the tab bar in Firefox

The recent update of Firefox 3.6.2 changed the place where it loads any new tab you would open.

Previous versions were loading new tabs at the end of the tab bar.

This update loads new tabs next to the tab you are in and this creates massive confusion since people have started to lost new tabs because there were expecting them to be at the right end of the tab bar.

To change this as it was before, do as follows:

– Open a new Tab in Firefox and in the location type “about:config” and hit enter
– If you get a warning message, just confirm that you want to access that page
– Once the “configuration” tab is loaded, in filter copy and paste this “browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent”
– It will filter all the settings and will show you only the one we need
– Verify the setting is Value= True, double click and it should change to Value=False

You’re done, now Firefox will open any new tab at the right end of the tab bar

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HOW-TO delete all Bookmarks quickly

Delicious LogoShame on me when I have installed the Firefox Plugin!

It imported around 800 Bookmarks and fortunately it did not set them as Public, they were all Private but I did not want to use Delicious for my private Bookmarks!

So I was looking for a quick way to get tip of them all and then import only the ones I wanted to.

Googling “delete delicious bookmarks” resulted in several pages teaching some “hacking” ways to achieve such thing: exporting them into MySQL, then emptying the database and exporting them..and other odd things.

Maybe Delicious itself has made this thing much easier but I have done this:

– Login on with your account

– Click on the down arrow next to Bookmarks and select My Bookmarks and you will land to some URL just like where “username” is your account name

– Go at the end lower right of the list where it says “Showing 10 Bookmarks per page” and change it to 100 Bookmarks, the page will refresh showing 100 from your bookmarks

– Click on Bulk Edit on the upper right of the page and the blue padlock next to each bookmark will disappear. An empty box will appear to replace the padlock, click on Select All and in one click you will select those 100 bookmarks

– Click Delete, then OK to confirm and then Yes to confirm again the action. You have just deleted 100 bookmarks in 3 clicks

– Repeat the action for all of your bookmarks. As said I had 800 bookmarks there and in a couple of minutes I got rip of them all out of Delicious

– At the end of the process you will see again the You have no bookmarks … yet!

Another mission completed!

Comment out your experience with this method!

The URL showing up when you change the number of bookmarks to show is something like:

I have tried to alter the value of the get parameter “setcount” for example, for 800 bookmarks:

But it did not work, it seems the higher number of shown bookmarks is 100

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Share 3G Internet USB on WinXPP via WiFi to iPhone

3G USB Internet KeyHello people, ZizziBaddi staff is travelling and we have been given some USB 3g Internet Keys for our Asus Eee PC 1000H so since we are always geeking around we challenged ourselves to share our 3G Internet connection via USB Key by Momo Design to our iPhones and here goes the tutorial.


– Computer with Windows XP SP2, we have used the Asus EEE PC 1000H

– USB 3G Internet Key, we have used the 3 Momo Design 7,2Megabit

– 3G Internet Account attached to our SIM Card, much better a flat rate with no limited traffic

Step by Step

1- Connect the USB, get it recognized and install its drivers and application. We won’t cover here how to set it up but do it before following this tutorial

2- Start/Settings/Network Connection. Among the Dial Up connections you will find the profile used by the USB Key, right click on it, choose properties and then the Advanced label:Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

On Windows Firewall – Click on Setting, then set it OFF to disable it
On Internet Connection Sharing – Enable it by ticking the box
On Home Networking Connection choose the WLAN adapte

3- On the same window, below the Dial Ups you will see LAN or High Speed Internet, locate your WLAN, right click on it, select properties and on “This connection uses the following items” locate the last one “Internet Protocol (TPC/IP), select it and click properties.

4- Click on “Use the following IP Address” and configure it as follows:

IP Address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway
Use the followding DNS Server
Preferred DNS Server

4- Click now on Wireless Networks and on Preferred Networks click on Add and configure it as follows:

Network Name SSSID zizzibaddi3g
Tick the box to Enable even if this network is not broadcasting
On Wireless Network Key
Network Authentication Open
Data Encryption Disable (You can enable it later)
Tick to enable This is a Computer-to-Computer (Ad Hoc) network. Wireless Access points are not used

5- On iPhone (or any other WiFi device) tap Settings then Wi-Fi and enable it

6- On Computer, right click on WLAN icon on the tray area, next to the clock and click on View Available Wireless Networks. The new zizzibaddi3g will be listed, select it and click Connect

7- On iPhone the new WLAN will be listed as zizzibaddi3g, tap it to connect to it, then tap the > arrow to configure it as follows:

IP Address Static
IP Address
Subnet Mask

8- The WLAN on computer should say Connected and the iPhone should connect as well.

9- Close “Settings” on iPhone and launch Safari or any other Internet Application and there you go online with your 3g Internet USB Connection!

If you like this tutorial feel free to share it, delicious it, email it, subscribe via your favourite RS Reader or by email with a simple comment.


Running 2 Firefox sessions at the same time

You might want to run 2 or more Firefox under Windows at the same time, but with different sessions, not just 2 Firefox windows.

Here is how:

– close any Firefox session and make sure it is not running in the backgroun with Task Manager
– Start > Run > firefox -P
(this should start Firefox ProfileManager)
– create a new profile name and location, decide the default profile or enable the ProfileManager dialog window to appear each time you launch Firefox
– create as many shortcuts as many profile you have created this way:
– Shortcut Name: Firefox Profile1, Firefox Profile2 etc
– Target: “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” -P Profile1 -no-remote and
“C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” -P Profile2 -no-remote

(Replace the location with yours and Profile1 with the one you have created)

Now you will be able to launch 2 different Firefox sessions, either with a different profile.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Each profile can contain a completely customized Firefox, different bookmarks, addons etc


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Creating Virtual Host pointing to an IP on GoDaddy

Purpose: have a Virtual Host, vhost, subdomain, vanity host…pointing to a unique IP address, for example if you don’t have hosting service at GoDaddy.

There are a lot of documents explaining this but there have created a lot of confusion up here so I would like to clear things up.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

If you want to accomplish what follows, read on.

– GoDaddy as Domain Registrar, so you will use GoDaddy Domain Manager
– Hosting your sites somewhere, where the web server ip is
for example because you own a dedicated server or you have a fixed IP address
at home and you want to host your sites at your place
– Hosting subdomains, virtual hosts, vhosts etc on other IP addresses
for example: > > >

– Log yourself on GoDaddy Domain Manager and click on the domain you to work on
– Click on Total DNS Control
– Note that you have an A(Host) Record called “@” and pointing to a GoDaddy IP Address, then you have a CNAME Record called “@” and pointing to your virtual host “www”
– Click to edit the A(Host) “@” record and change the existing IP with the one you want for, for example
– A dialog will appear to confirm the change has been recorded
– Click ADD NEW A RECORD button and type only “dev” for, the enter the IP Address, for example and confirm
– A dialog will appear to confir the change has been recorded
– Repeat this for each subdomain or virtual host you may want to add and then wait for 24-48 hours for the DNS to propagate

You may want to keep open a terminal window or a DOS Prompt window and


from time to time to see when you DNS has been updated. When it starts to reply, you can open your browser and point it to and it will open the WebServer Default page on

Just create the new domain “” on your server and the magic will happen


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Asus EEEPC 1000H Bios Update

Internet rumors go around Windows 7 on EEEPc so we have done that and one task is to update the bios with the 2204 version 26/10/2009.

We have used a USB SD Card Reader and a 512Megabyte MMC Card with its SD adapter but in general every old SD (FAT16) should be ok

Here are the steps:

1) Download the bios from EEEPc Asus Site and unzip it. The file will look like 1000H-ASUS-2204.ROM but you have to rename it to 1000H.rom to be able to use it

2) Insert your USB Pen Drive or USB Card Reader and format it as FAT16 then copy the file 1000H.rom onto it

3) Make sure your 1000H is powered off, no USB Device is plugged, it is running on power supply and the battery is fully charged. Insert the USB Pen Drive or USB Card Reader with the bios on it and boot the machine.

4) During POST press ALT+F2 and the Bios Update Utility will start looking for USB Device, it will find yours and will start reading the 1000H.rom file, once done it will delete the current bios and then will replace it with the new one. At the end the procedure will ask you to power the machine off, remove the USB and restart it

5) When you boot it the new bios configuration utility will show up for you to configure some stuff just like boot order priority etc, just do what you need and save it

6) Congratulations! You now have your bios updated and you may proceed to install Windows 7 Ultimate