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LinkedIn Recommendation Examples

linkedinLinkedIn and other Professional Social Networks are becoming more and more popular, just like Xing and Namyz.

When it comes to recommend someone, you might not have time to focus and write a new fresh reccomendation from scratch!

To solve that a new tool is now available:

On you can simply generate a pre-written generic recomendation and then change it as you want to match the person’s profile you want to recommend!

A random example might be:

Gigi Lombardi was a fantastic person to work with. He is not only a loyal and innovative employee but also an inspiring person to work with. Gigi Lombardi is a well educated, result driven and open minded team player, customer focused colleague. If you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip-ups, just results, Gigi Lombardi is your man! Has a lot of deep technical skills in many security information fields.


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