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Share 3G Internet USB on WinXPP via WiFi to iPhone

3G USB Internet KeyHello people, ZizziBaddi staff is travelling and we have been given some USB 3g Internet Keys for our Asus Eee PC 1000H so since we are always geeking around we challenged ourselves to share our 3G Internet connection via USB Key by Momo Design to our iPhones and here goes the tutorial.


– Computer with Windows XP SP2, we have used the Asus EEE PC 1000H

– USB 3G Internet Key, we have used the 3 Momo Design 7,2Megabit

– 3G Internet Account attached to our SIM Card, much better a flat rate with no limited traffic

Step by Step

1- Connect the USB, get it recognized and install its drivers and application. We won’t cover here how to set it up but do it before following this tutorial

2- Start/Settings/Network Connection. Among the Dial Up connections you will find the profile used by the USB Key, right click on it, choose properties and then the Advanced label:Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

On Windows Firewall – Click on Setting, then set it OFF to disable it
On Internet Connection Sharing – Enable it by ticking the box
On Home Networking Connection choose the WLAN adapte

3- On the same window, below the Dial Ups you will see LAN or High Speed Internet, locate your WLAN, right click on it, select properties and on “This connection uses the following items” locate the last one “Internet Protocol (TPC/IP), select it and click properties.

4- Click on “Use the following IP Address” and configure it as follows:

IP Address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway
Use the followding DNS Server
Preferred DNS Server

4- Click now on Wireless Networks and on Preferred Networks click on Add and configure it as follows:

Network Name SSSID zizzibaddi3g
Tick the box to Enable even if this network is not broadcasting
On Wireless Network Key
Network Authentication Open
Data Encryption Disable (You can enable it later)
Tick to enable This is a Computer-to-Computer (Ad Hoc) network. Wireless Access points are not used

5- On iPhone (or any other WiFi device) tap Settings then Wi-Fi and enable it

6- On Computer, right click on WLAN icon on the tray area, next to the clock and click on View Available Wireless Networks. The new zizzibaddi3g will be listed, select it and click Connect

7- On iPhone the new WLAN will be listed as zizzibaddi3g, tap it to connect to it, then tap the > arrow to configure it as follows:

IP Address Static
IP Address
Subnet Mask

8- The WLAN on computer should say Connected and the iPhone should connect as well.

9- Close “Settings” on iPhone and launch Safari or any other Internet Application and there you go online with your 3g Internet USB Connection!

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14 Replies

  1. Marcello Oct 12th 2010

    Excellent tutorial!

    Is it possible also to configure my laptop and my Nokia E55 to use my office LAN on my mobile to surf the internet?

  2. Marcello Oct 12th 2010

    I only have an issue, on step 2 I can’t find this setting:
    “On Home Networking Connection choose the WLAN adapter ”
    Where is it exaclty?

  3. Thanks Marcello.

    Well, what you want to achieve is “connect your laptop and your Nokia E55 to your Office’ LAN to access the internet with the laptop and the Nokia”?

    If the answer is yes, than for the laptop you can use a RJ45 cable from the Office’s Switch to your laptop, or use the WiFi if you have it in your office.

    You may need the WiFi PassKey and / or other security measures just like the MAC Filtering etc

    For your Nokia, it is the same but you must have access to your WiFi since there is no way to use a RJ45 cable.

    This tutorial is useful when you just have a Laptop and a WiFi Only Device (Sony PSP, Nokia Phones, iPhone, etc) and a 3G connection on a USB Internet Key and it explains how to share your 3G Internet connection from your laptop over WiFi to your WiFi Only devices!


  4. Start/Settings/Network Connection. Among the Dial Up connections you will find the profile used by the USB Key, right click on it, choose properties and then the Advanced label

  5. Marcello Oct 12th 2010

    Start/Settings/Network Connection is what I followed to perform the first 2 subpoints of point 2), but I can’t find any options with “Home Networking Connection”…

  6. I can’t either now on XPP but I am not using any Internet Key here so it is probably something that appears on the Advanced Panel of a 3G Dial Up connection.

    If you can’t see it, then I think you don’t have any 3G Internet Dial Up connection. Do you?

  7. Marcello Oct 12th 2010

    My original question was maybe formulated in the wrong way.

    I have a laptop with Wifi card connected via RJ45 to my office LAN.
    I would like my NokiaE55 to connect via Wifi to my laptop and use its LAN to surf internet.
    So in principle my laptop should work as “router” for the office LAN to my phone.

  8. Well, a WiFi card CANNOT be connected via RJ45 since WiFi is wireless and RJ45 is wired…

    I think I have understood what you want to achieve, and you should explain it as follows:

    “Share Wired LAN Internet on Laptop over WiFi to WiFi-Only Device just like my Nokia E55”

    If that is the case, than it is exactly as the 3G Sharing, but you have to route the LAN to the WLAN.

    Since none of them is a Dial Up connection, you might have a go on the Bridge Connection, so if you create a Bridge Connection between your LAN and WLAN, you will have a Bridged new connection for the WiFi Device.

    I have done that several time when I could not connect to the Wifi with my iPhone, so you have to geek around a bit on my tutorial to achieve it, it is not very different than the 3G Share by the way but I can’t reproduce it since I don’t have any WiFi on this Desktop, only LAN.

  9. Hi,

    Your article is amazing! I never thought of using my computer wifi card to share a 3G connection. But I was wondering, my usb key does not appear in the dialup. When I plug it, I have a prompt asking me to connect, then, that’s it, I’m connected. But when I go to Settings/Network Connection, I can see that I have the modem which is an LGE EVDOM ISB MODEM.

    Do you know why I can’t see it as a dialup? I guess because it is an EVDOM (CDMA???) modem? Can you help with that kind of modem?

    Thank you very much!!!

    kind regards

  10. Thanks man, well…you could have thought about it! I don’t know that specific kind of USB Modem and I think you don’t see it because it uses a different kind of software.

    Since the USB Modems are more or less all the same and manufactured by Huawei, I suggest you to try and install the software from a telecom operator, for example Vodafone or H3G etc and then plug in your Key and check if the new software detects it.

    If it does, just configure a connection with your APN and dialup number, which is usually *99# with no username nor password.

    If it works, then you could try to share this new Dial up connection.

    Hope the above helps,


  11. Hey Mister Lombardi! This is amazing! I’m almost done, I think I did what you said, I created a new dialup connection that I managed to get working (number was #777 and username and passwords were the company name: wana). Unfortunately when I create the wifi connection etc.. at this step:
    “8- The WLAN on computer should say Connected and the iPhone should connect as well.”

    It says “not connected” ;( Do you know why by any chance? I guess I should give you more details, but I don’t really know what.
    In the iphone should I put something different in the “http proxy”?
    Is it normal that you wrote everywhere but on the IP address on the iphone which is

    Thank you so much for your kind tutorial and help!


  12. Very good indeed.

    Well, more than answers I have questions you should have answered already! Just like who does say “not connected”? I think it is the PC, well you might try again to avoid timeouts.

    There is no proxy involved in the iPhone, what you want to do is to use STATIC IP addresses on both sides.

    PC Wifi is,, and again since 1.1 is the IP address, the gateway and the dns since there are no other gateways nor dns on the same side of the network.

    iPhone will be 1.2 as IP address just to be another host on the same network

    I think you are closed to achieve it.

    Try to follow the tutorial literally for the most part and try to click on connect on both sides at the same time.


  13. Mr.DHAHERi Jun 12th 2011

    MR.Lombardi what if I had a windows 7 not Xp doesnt it work ?

  14. Yes, it will work. I have installed myself Win7 Ultimate from USB. Cheers

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